Lviv, Lypynskoho street, 50



Total area

2 424 м2

Start of design


Start of construction


End of construction



  • collection of initial data
  • concept
  • pre-design works
  • general design
  • author's supervision

The AUDI showroom construction project for NIKO-West, the official dealer of the brand in the region, was executed in strict adherence to Audi’s corporate standards. The design and construction process involved close collaboration with specialists from Germany, ensuring meticulous adherence to all norms and standards mandated for the construction of new Audi dealerships.

Architectural and spatial decisions were made based on the functional requirements of the facility. The trade and office center building features a rectangular plan with dimensions measuring 62.02×31.75 meters along its extreme axes. Functionally, it is divided into two interconnected volumes: a car dealership and a service station, separated by a firewall.


The main entrance to the car dealership is centrally positioned on the eastern facade. The showroom is designed to accommodate a display of 12 cars. Car loading is facilitated through the entrance on the western facade.

Within the trading hall, workstations are allocated for employees in the client area. The service station is equipped with 12 repair stations and car wash facilities. Cars enter the service station through the direct car reception area, and exit via the car delivery room and an additional exit on the southern facade.

Spare parts are stored in a two-level spare parts warehouse. Stairwells and stairs provide vertical access between the functional areas of the building.


The building is one-storey in total. Conditional height in the part of the showroom – 9,750 m, in the part of the service station – 8,350 m. The mezzanine is designed in the showroom, built-in second floor and two-level spare parts warehouse.


Photos by Maryna Grynykha