Lviv region, Pidbirci


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Total area

1400 m2








  • collection of initial data
  • concept

The designed building of the brand store “Rodynna kovbaska” was part of the reconstruction project of the plant located in the western part from the store. The store included retail space of the enterprise, tasting areas and a checkpoint on the territory of the enterprise. The main facade of the building is oriented on the Trakt Hlynianskyi street, Pidbirtsi, bordering Lviv.

master plan scheme

The building of the store in the plan has a complex shape, overall dimensions in the axes 46.1 x 34.99 m, one-story.

The building is conditionally divided into three parts:

  • Exhibition;
  • Shopping;
  • Household.


The project also provides a free-standing checkpoint for enterprise maintenance and freight transport. There is a weighbridge at the entrance, which is covered by the ceiling between the checkpoint and the main building.

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The shopping area is a room that is divided into two functional zones: a cafe and a store of branded products. In the middle of the room is a point of issuance and customer service. The project provides for the placement of a covered terrace for visitors to the cafe.

The exhibition part is blocked to the trade part and is perpendicular to Trakt Hlynianskyi Street. The exhibition hall has office space, a factory museum and toilets.

The household part is hidden from the carriageway of Trakt Hlynianskyi street and is intended for servicing the store and accommodating living quarters in it. The area is equipped with warehouses, a kitchen for cafes, staff lounges and a wholesale area. In the domestic part there are two dock shelters for unloading products by truck.

In front of the building there is a parking lot for both shoppers and factory staff.

scheme of functional zoning of the trading hall
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