Poland, Gdańsk


competition project (3rd place)

Total area

29 000 м2




  • collection of initial data
  • concept

We are pleased to apply our experience in hospital design to a competition project developed in partnership with i+med. This project won a prize in a closed international competition for the construction of a children’s hospital in Gdansk. Our task was to effectively allocate all the necessary rooms across the floors within a tight timeframe – the team managed to complete it in just one month.


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The total area of the hospital is 29,000 m², which includes 4 floors, 2 underground levels, and a technical floor. An interesting aspect of this project is the terrain variation, which is approximately three meters from one corner of the building to the other. This allowed us to create a unique configuration with the main entrance on the ground floor on one side and the technical entrance on the minus first floor on the opposite side, designated for staff and technical transport access. Below, on the minus second floor, there is a parking area.


We proposed creating two internal atriums, one of which is located on the ground floor level and is open, thus creating a small internal courtyard with greenery. This adds a special charm and coziness to the space and to the rooms that overlook this courtyard.

For the facade, we initially wanted to use a curvilinear facade grid, but ultimately we decided to keep the frosted glass, which allows a lot of light to enter the interior.

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Every architectural form is the result of deep analysis and meticulous design. Below are the formation schemes of the hospital in Gdansk. Every line and every angle is a product of studying the environment and the needs of future users, ensuring that the building is as functional as possible.


The project features modern diagnostic and surgical units. On the ground floor, there is an entrance area that includes a café, an information center, a security room, a cloakroom, and restrooms. This floor also houses the emergency department, outpatient department, and an isolation unit with a separate entrance for ambulances, equipped with five single-patient rooms with vestibule locks. The diagnostic center, which includes 30 examination rooms, is also located on this floor. Additionally, there is access to the inner courtyard and a connection to the adjacent building through an existing corridor.

The first floor includes the radiology department and the endoscopy department, providing specialized diagnostics and treatment for patients.

On the second floor, there are the surgical unit and the intensive care unit, ensuring emergency care and postoperative support.

The third floor is dedicated to the rheumatology and immunology departments for both younger and older children, as well as the inpatient department for day patients.

The fourth floor houses the pediatric surgery department for younger and older children, along with educational auditoriums, which include four rooms with capacities of 35, 30, 30, and 45 people.

On the minus first floor, there are technical rooms, staff changing rooms, storage for documents and waste, and a delivery area.

On the minus second floor, there is parking for 120 cars, bicycle parking, and a morgue.

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Technical floor

We are pleased to expand the geographical scope of our projects.

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