Kyiv region, Vyshneve



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10 590 m2

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  • collection of initial data
  • concept
  • pre-design works

CRH in Ukraine is a leader in the cement market and one of the leaders in the building supplies industry as a whole. This object is planned to be carried out on a land plot belonging to the enterprise with an area of 7.7345 hectares.

The company will annually receive about 450 thousand tons of finished cement from CRH cement plants located in different regions of Ukraine. The obtained cement is planned to be packed in 25 kg of packaging or loaded into cement trucks for sale to consumers.

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This project is a reconstruction of the existing railway tracks with the arrangement of track development to ensure the production capacity of 100 wagons of cement per day.

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The company plans to attract 86 employees to operate the enterprise. It includes 2 shifts of production personnel and the administration office.

We designed project for the construction of the following buildings and structures:

cement packing shop building;
construction of a station for loading cement trucks;
construction of a transport gallery to the cement packing shop;
construction of mixing station;
construction of wagon unloading station;
construction of a gallery for transportation to cement storage silos;
construction of cement storage silos;
transformer substation building;
compressor building;
depot building.

Designed buildings and structures are located in the central part of the site.

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Technological schemes

truck loading
wagon-unloading station
S:Projects17-61_CRH_SM�3_Planing4. ГенпланPlanning1
S:Projects17-61_CRH_SM�3_Planing4. ГенпланPlanning1
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Entrance and exit from the site are provided from the highway on Kyivska street.

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