Lviv, Horodotska street, 302



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33 944 m2

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  • collection of initial data
  • general design
  • author's supervision

The reconstruction project with the expansion of the shopping complex and the projects of repair works with redevelopment were developed by order of Epicenter H LLC according to the program of expansion and modernization of the trade network. The design and construction process was performed in accordance with the corporate standards of Epicenter K LLC.

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The shopping center is designed for retail trade in construction and household goods of a wide range. The building of the shopping center is one-story, one-room rectangular in plan. With a mezzanine of administrative and domestic premises. The reconstruction project in 2013 provided for the completion of a trade hall measuring 72 m by 120 m in the axes, as well as a cold canopy measuring 24 m by 120 m in the axes. During the renovation works in 2020, planning decisions were improved in accordance with the new requirements for the organization of trade, and departments with an additional range of goods were arranged.


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During the renovation works in 2020, the farmyard was redesigned with the organization of a trade pavilion for trade with the car access to it and additional open trading platforms were arranged.

Total retail space – 30,060 square meters.

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The construction volume of the building is 271,446 cubic meters.


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Photos by Maryna Grynykha