Lviv, Zolota street, 42


under construction

Total area

1300 m2

Start of design


Start of construction



  • collection of initial data
  • concept
  • pre-design works
  • general design
  • development of tender documentation

Our task was to design a building for the administration of the regional gas company in Lviv, Ukraine. The building includes two functions: administrative and educational. The educational part of the building is designed to train and improve the company’s employees to ensure high-quality services.

The building itself is located in a low-rise area, so it was important to take into account the surroundings and carefully fit the volume of the building into the environment.


4 New (1920х939)
8 New (1920х939)

The RGC office is a three-story building with a basement, and with separate independent entrances/exits to the training center and office space on the 1st floor

The height of the basement is 3.45 m, 1-3 floors are 3.6. m. In the basement, there is an archive storage room and a building’s engineering support of the building. There is a training center on the ground floor and office premises on the 2-3rd floor. Exit to the roof is carried out by a ladder from the landing of the third floor.

3d schemes of the building

basement level
ground floor
first floor
second floor
constructive scheme
engineering networks
S3 (1920х939)
S4 (1920х939)
S5 (1920х939)
S6 (1920х939)
S7 (1920х939)
S1 (1920х939)
S2 (1920х939)
7 New (1920х939)
9 New (1920х939)


basement plan
ground floor
first floor
second floor
Plan_1 (1920х939)
Plan_2 (1920х939)
Plan_3 (1920х939)
Plan_4 (1920х939)

The project also provides for an open-air roof for the recreation of visitors and employees of the house.

7 (1920х939)
8 (1920х939)
5 (1920х939)