Lviv, Doroshenko street, 2


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  • concept

Our concept of the competitive project is based on the idea of creating a comfortable public environment on Doroshenko street while meeting the requirements of the concept task for the functional content of the building.

In order to create a public space and avoid overcrowding of the narrow Doroshenko street, we designed a square courtyard in front of the existing public space, which will be used as a public square. For a better perception, the passage to the courtyard is provided with a height of 2 floors and a width of 12 m. This public space can be also used as a summer playground for the “Lviv food market”, which will occupy the first 2 floors of the building.

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The overhanging part of the facade of 3-6 floors will protect the public transport stop from precipitation making it comfortable for stay.
The height of the first 2 floors will also provide a comfortable environment for all the commercial spaces.

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building volume
formation of internal spaces
adjustment of facades
forming silhouette of the street
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The facade of the building from Doroshenko Street is divided into 3 different types depending on the level at which it is located.

On the first 2 floors, continuous panoramic glazing is used with the help of a rack-and-pinion facade system, for maximum integration of the interior with the street and the designed square.

At the level of 3-5 floors, the device of a hinged facade from large-format fiber-cement panels with imitation of the texture of a natural stone is provided.

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We take a close-ratio of deaf and glass planes to the surrounding building to ensure it fits the historical environment.
To maintain the silhouette we lowered the cornice of the facade to the level of the cornice of the first floor of neighboring houses.
Framing of window openings is recessing relative to the main plane of the facade to achieve a play of light and shadow without the installation of facade decor.

The 5th and 6th floors are recessed relative to the main plane of the façade and lined with light gray Rheinzink metal panels and panoramic glazing. This solution makes the upper floors visually lighter and harmoniously coexists with mostly gray roofs of the surrounding buildings.

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Floor plans

underground parking
ground floor
first floor
2-4 floors
5 floor
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Planing 2 (eng)
Planing 3 (eng)
Planing 4 (eng)
Planing 5 (eng)

In the basement, there is a parking lot for 12 cars with a car lift for access. Entrance to the underground car park is provided in the right part of the main facade. In addition to parking in the basement, the location of the engineering facilities of the building is provided.

On the first and second floors, there is an area with commercial premises that work on the public space and the courtyard of the building.

The hotel’s rooms are located on the 3rd to 5th floors. There are 2 maid rooms and a utility room on each floor.

On the 6th floor, there is a conference hall for 125 people, a lobby, and a rooftop cafe with a terrace. There are also several technical rooms for the location of the building’s engineering systems.

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