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  • public hearings
  • collection of initial data
  • concept

The design site is located in the heart of Lviv, in the immediate vicinity of the Market Square, the monument to Adam Mickiewicz and the Potocki Palace. Currently, the site is used as a natural parking lot with approximately 35 parking spaces.

Having a site with significant potential in the city center, we propose to create a building that will be interesting and useful for city residents and complement the urban environment of Lviv.

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Since the hotel itself provides accommodation for guests of the city, we wanted to create in this project something that could be used by the residents of the city, something that would add value to the project for the people of Lviv. Therefore, we proposed the idea of ​​organizing a public space on the roof of the hotel.

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Public spaces in Lviv are very actively developing today. One of the last is the pedestrian street Rudanskoho, which inspired us to the idea of integrating our project into the structure of open public spaces of the city.

The idea is that the space of the pedestrian street Rudansky found a continuation in the structure of our building. We propose to develop the idea of open green terraces on the roof and functionally connect them with the street.

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To get to the terraces, we have created not just vertical communications – a system of stairways and intermediate terraces covered with greenery, which form the Vertical Square as an additional element of public space. Climbing the stairs you will be able to enjoy new perspectives of the streets, find shade in summer, and shelter from rain and wind in the cold seasons. According to our idea, temporary exhibitions of an artistic nature can be located here, or it will be a place where you can just read a book.

For parents with young children and people with disabilities, we have provided a separate elevator to the mountain, which is separate from the planning structure of the hotel and is freely accessible.

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The upper terraces are functionally divided into three parts.

  • The main terrace is for the relaxation of the residents of the surrounding neighborhoods with a play area for children;
  • The second terrace is an observation deck;
  • The third terrace is a summer theater, which can also work as a location for presentations, creative events, art events.
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Also on the roof there is a room for coworking with access directly from the main terrace.

In the next stages of the project, a detailed project of landscaping of terraces will be developed, with the involvement of landscape architects, who will allow to select year-round landscaping of terraces and organize the right system of irrigation and drainage.

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The three-dimensional solution is aimed at supporting the formed silhouette of the street. The first floor is sunk into the depth of the plot behind the red line, which made it possible to expand the space in front of the house, the height is subject to the formed line of the street. The main volume is in line with the cornice of the neighboring college building. The upper floors of the building are recessed in relation to the main facade, for a harmonious perception in the environment. The architecture of the facades is solved using the typical rhythm of the windows and the horizontal division of the facades with a dedicated ground floor and stylized attic fifth floor, and the recessed sixth floor in gray tones echoes the roof of the neighboring college building. In this concept, we focus on the spatial solution and versatility of the building. And we execute a facade of the house in simple laconic forms as such supporting the architecture of the street formed by the masses and a rhythm. The vertical square in the corner of the building will be a kind of spatial sculptural composition of the street. It will be perceived as an independent compositional element and create an accent and an effect of attraction.

Urban planning criteria for finding an architectural form

street silhouette
formed cornice line
scale of construction
public spaces
vertical communications
1 new
2 new
3 new
4 new
5 new
6 new
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The section clearly shows the functional structure of the hotel. Underground parking is located under the entire area of ​​the site. The entrance on a two-lane ramp is located at the opposite end of the house from the entrance to the hotel and the terraces of public space, which creates convenience as it separates traffic from pedestrian traffic.

On the ground floor there is a restaurant and a multifunctional conference hall. Due to the recessed ground floor in front of the hotel, and access to the terrace created an additional area that creates comfort for visitors. In front of the facade from Voronogo Street there are places for planting trees.

From the second to the sixth floor are hotel rooms. The corner part of the building adjacent to the bank building has been separated to create a Vertical Square.

In our project, we use the potential of the site to the full and arrange an additional more than 1000 square meters. open public spaces where Lviv residents can spend their free time and relax. Additional landscaping improves the environmental situation in the center, and parking for 70 cars provides twice as many parking spaces compared to the current spontaneous parking on the site. The hotel with 140 rooms and a conference hall with 100 seats has a positive impact on the infrastructure and tourist potential of the city.

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