Zhytomyr, Odesa, Simferopol



Total area

36 850 m2

Start of design


Start of construction


End of construction



  • collection of initial data
  • concept
  • pre-design works
  • general design
  • development of tender documentation
  • author's supervision

Projects for the construction of METRO Cash & Carry wholesale centers in Zhytomyr, Odesa and Simferopol.

The location of the building of the METRO shopping center is envisaged on the design sites; open parking and covered (“under the veil”) parking; complex of site engineering structures (TP, DES, internal fire extinguishing tank, sewage treatment plants, fencing, etc.), engineering networks, access roads. The area of ​​transport and pedestrian connections is divided into functional subzones: the entrance and the approach to the shopping center; internal passages; car parks for buyers’ cars; food waste site. In the area of ​​engineering facilities are located: transformer substation; diesel generator; tank for internal firefighting; Fracturing.

The building of the shopping center facade is focused on the main road. The shopping center has two entrances and exits from the main street and side driveway and two pedestrian gates. Arrival of cars on parking lots and platforms is organized on internal passage. On the territory of the shopping center there is an open parking lot for temporary storage of buyers ‘cars and staff and a covered parking lot under a canopy for temporary storage of buyers’ cars. There are parking spaces for people with disabilities in the parking lot.

A sidewalk is being arranged on the side of the entrance to ensure pedestrian access to the projected facility from the public transport stop. The project envisages lawn sowing, planting of ornamental trees and shrubs along the perimeter of the site on areas free from construction and paving.

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3d model view 2
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The framework is designed from prefabricated reinforced concrete elements, namely:

  • prefabricated reinforced concrete columns;
  • 21-meter prestressed precast reinforced concrete beams;
  • prefabricated reinforced concrete beams;
  • prefabricated reinforced concrete beams.


The foundations for the columns are a monolithic reinforced concrete sole and a prefabricated reinforced concrete glass. Mark of laying the foundations in accordance with the geological conditions of the site.

Socle wall panels are accepted under walls from the hinged type-setting cassette facade.

Roof – pitched with internal drainage. The waterproofing layer is designed from PVC membrane. Mineral wool boards are accepted as a covering insulation. The load-bearing structures of the coating are profiled sheets.


The building is one-storey. The height of the trade hall of the Center from floor to bottom of load-bearing structures – 6.7 m, the height of buildings in the axes from floor to bottom of load-bearing structures – 4.5 m. The height of administrative, domestic, industrial premises is formed by suspended ceilings , 5 m, in accordance with current regulations according to the design assignment.

The spatial planning solution of the Center is developed on the basis of objects analogous to the METRO Cash & Carry retail chain. The location of the premises and their grouping into functional areas of the Center is designed taking into account the current technological process of acceptance – storage – pre-sale preparation of goods, delivery and sale in commercial premises. All production and auxiliary premises of the Center are grouped in such a way as to separate as much as possible pre-sale preparation and delivery to the trading hall of different groups of goods and prevent the intersection of technological flows.

The planning of the center includes the following groups of premises:

  • trade and production facilities;
  • household and service premises of the staff;
  • administrative and office premises;
  • technical premises.


Planning scheme – hall, with the central location of the trading hall and the location around the perimeter of production, administrative and service, household and service groups of premises. The entrance area, the central entrance of clients are focused on the main facade of the Center, the entrance of staff to the living quarters is designed from the side facade, loading of goods is carried out from the side and rear facades.

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