Lviv, Panasa Myrnoho street, 24


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Total area

17 000 m2




competitive project (4th place)




  • concept

Based on the planning constraints and requirements of the competition, the three-dimensional concept provides:

  • The possibility of building an office complex in two stages. This is possible due to the installation of independent load-bearing frames and expansion joints between the first and second stages. The entrance group and the underground car park are being built during the construction of the first stage and successfully combine the two stages after the completion of the construction of the whole complex. It also takes into account the possibility of full operation of the first phase during the construction of the second. In general, the result is a general three-dimensional complex.
  • Preservation of dominance of ecological indicators of a site. In the area adjacent to the office complex to the existing park, all greenery is preserved, which is integrated into the entrance area of ​​the complex due to the installation of a glass cube with opening sections of the first floor. The dining room with the possibility of arranging a terrace outside serves as an additional seating area during the lunch break. In the future, greenery forms the vertical trunks of the building, which serves as a place of rest for office workers during working hours. On the roof of the second stage there is a possibility of arranging an exploited green roof to provide office workers with a separate private space for recreation, leisure and corporate meetings. In winter it is also possible to install a Christmas tree.
  • The separation of the pedestrian and transport zones is provided by the entrance to the underground parking lot and the courtyard exclusively from the side of the carriageway of Professor Buika Street. Possibility of transport access (transportation of products, construction materials during repairs, removal of household waste is carried out from the courtyard. The main entrance group, operated green roof of the second stage, dining room leisure.
  • Successful integration of the building into the existing urban situation, due to the preservation of storeys of the surrounding buildings by building part of the office complex of the second turn and forming a clear angle of intersection of Panas Mirnyi and Professor Buyko streets by building the first turn. As a result of receiving the general integral architectural complex of the first and second turns.
  • Ensuring the necessary insolation of offices and protection against overheating, and consequently reducing the cost of air conditioning and heating, was achieved by installing a glass facade on the north side of the site and reducing the area of ​​glazing on its south side.

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entrance group
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  • The comfort of the offices is achieved due to the possibility of free transformation of their space and the presence of an individual recreational area on each floor. There is a possibility of renting both floors and the possibility of division into smaller segments;
  • Arrangement of conference halls on the top floor of the building of the first turn with a panorama of the city. Independent entrance and the possibility of holding closed buffets allows for a variety of high-end events and rentals.


-1, -2 floor
ground floor
typical floor
10 floor
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  • The use of modern building materials and stylistic architectural characteristics in creating an individual three-dimensional image of a residential complex. The main version of the concept in the decoration of facades used hinged glass facades and HPL-panels. Wet facades are also used to reduce the price burden. The percentage of these materials can be adjusted, depending on financial capabilities, without losing the architectural image. HPL panels can be replaced with metal cartridges.

The main technical and economic characteristics of the first and second stages of the office complex:

  • Floors – 10 / 4
    • I stage – 10
    • II stage – 4
  • Building area – 1 800 sq. m.
  • Total area – 17 000 sq. m.
    • I stage – 10 330 sq. m.
    • II stage – 6 670 sq. m.
  • Rental area of offices – 9,150 sq. m.
    • I stage – 5 900 sq. m.
    • II stage – 3 250 sq. m.
  • The area of conference halls is 480 sq. m.
  • The area of the catering establishment is 550 sq. m.
  • Area of underground parking – 4 600 sq. m.
    • I stage – 1 770 sq. m.
    • II stage – 2 830 sq. m.
  • Number of parking spaces (underground parking and open parking) – 123