Lviv, Schurata street


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62 496 m2




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  • concept

The main task for us was to organize a comfortable pedestrian environment for residents and guests of the complex, to create a distinct architectural silhouette, which will be seen from a great distance, as the site is located on a hill.

The silhouette of the complex is formed by arranging the walls of high sections of residential buildings at a small angle relative to the vertical, and the alternation of high and low sections. Sloping planes of residential buildings will be made of a hinged facade, similar in color to the main facade, thus ensuring the necessary durability and ease of execution.

2 1920х939

To achieve these goals, we propose to organize a fully pedestrian boulevard, which stretches from west to east through the whole complex. Houses, which are close to the boulevard have fewer floors (6-7 floors) to create a pleasant environment for recreation. At the intersection of the pedestrian boulevard and the passages between the blocks, we formed public spaces for recreation.

Residential yards are formed by U-shaped houses and are located on 2 sides of the boulevard. The inner residential yards are designed to be one level higher than the pedestrian alley, so they are available only to the residents of the three sections that form them.

On the south side of the complex, we offer to arrange public spaces with children’s and sports grounds, an urban garden, and panoramic terraces with the city views. These public spaces are designed to be used by all residents of the near districts.

Schemes of the general plan

functional zoning
transport scheme (eng) 1920х939
pedestrian scheme (eng) 1920х939
gp (eng) 1920х939

On the existing plot with a total area of 2.6826 hectares, we propose the construction of 21 residential sections, which are grouped into 8 houses varying from 6 to 14 floors. Main entrances to the houses are provided from the main pedestrian alley or from the underground parking lot.

There is also a pedestrian alley along the perimeter of the complex, which can be also used for passing fire trucks. Alleys between houses and residential yards can also be used for fire truck access if necessary.


Under the entire building area, there is an underground parking lot for the residents of the complex. Entrances and exits to the parking lot are provided in the western and eastern parts of the complex. We also provided commercial spaces in the southern part of the parking which has direct access to the pedestrian alley.

The pedestrian alley, which runs through the whole area, is the main artery of the complex, which connects the residential area with the public transport stop on Studinsky street. Public areas between the houses at the intersection with the main pedestrian alley will be used for recreation, sports, and meetings for residents. Every building also has its own private courtyards for its residents only.

pedestrian alley and main connections
underground parking scheme
P 1920х939
P2 1920х939
6 (custom)
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