Lviv region, Gorodok



Total area

4 729 м2

Start of design


Start of construction


End of construction



  • collection of initial data
  • concept
  • pre-design works
  • general design
  • author's supervision

The project of the head office of the international group of companies “T.B. Fruit is a leader in the Ukrainian market and a leading producer of concentrated juices in Europe. The office is located in Gorodok, Lviv region on the territory of one of the seven fruit and vegetable processing plants.

The architecture of the building is solved in a combination of straight and curved shapes, glass and deaf planes of the facades, which create its identity.

TB Fruit_d02
TB Fruit_05
TB Fruit_06
TB Fruit_02
TB Fruit_07
TB Fruit_08
TB Fruit_04

Additional functionality and attractiveness of the building is created by the operated roof with landscaping for the rest of the company’s employees and the possibility of holding various events.

TB Fruit_d05
TB Fruit_d04
TB Fruit_d06
TB Fruit_20
TB Fruit_17
TB Fruit_18
TB Fruit_22
TB Fruit_19
TB Fruit_20

The focus of the interior is the central atrium with a panoramic elevator to the full height of the building with a translucent dome at roof level – this provides constant access of natural light inside the building throughout the day. This solution managed to organize both the general and working spaces of the building as comfortably as possible.

TB Fruit_16
TB Fruit_13
TB Fruit_15

Photos by Maryna Grynykha