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Start of construction



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The project of the modern UNBROKEN rehabilitation building.

The need to create a rehabilitation center is due to the increase in the number of people in need of rehabilitation as a result of military operations, the need to expand the spectrum of rehabilitation assistance and rehabilitation interventions, the need to increase the area for providing rehabilitation assistance, the number of beds in the rehabilitation hospital for persons in need of high-volume rehabilitation assistance, equipment, the number of rehabilitation specialists and the organization of their training.

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A hundred specialists will fight here for every new movement of those crippled by the war. These are 7 floors for rehabilitation with apartment models and even a store, so that the patient can prepare for new living conditions as much as possible. Every year, 10,000 Ukrainians will be able to receive help here.

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On the 1st floor of the rehabilitation center, there is a spacious entrance hall with a waiting area, which is adjacent to the patient service department (registrar), with a cloakroom for visitors nearby.

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The mental health center is located on the 2nd floor. The main premises of the center are consulting rooms. Of the auxiliary premises located on the floor, there is a reception, cloakrooms for staff, a dining room, and bathrooms. Physical rehabilitation specialists will work side by side with psychologists and psychotherapists.

The rehabilitation unit of the center is located on the 3rd, 4th and partially 7th floors.

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In the new building of the rehabilitation center, the latest equipment will be installed: a robotic walking system, exoskeletons, robogloves that help move the hand, etc. A swimming pool is also being built, because rehabilitation in the water is an integral part of recovery. At the same time, rehabilitation rooms with ceiling lifts are being created here so that bedridden patients can move to the pool or rehabilitation room.

Hospital patients will receive help in the Rehabilitation Building – 54 beds on two floors are provided for them. A day hospital and outpatient care are also provided.

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The plan is to equip an occupational therapy apartment with a kitchen, where patients will be taught to take care of themselves again. Occupational therapists will help you hold a toothbrush or pencil again.

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The future rehabilitation building is connected to the main hospital building of the National Rehabilitation Center NEZLAMNI First Medical Association of Lviv. The full cycle of care will be ensured by cooperation with surgeons, traumatologists and other specialists working in the team of the medical facility, as well as access to all the necessary diagnostic equipment.

We rescue, provide prosthetics and rehabilitate Ukrainians in Ukraine!

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1 floor
2nd floor
3rd floor
4th floor
5th floor
6th floor
7th floor
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Currently, the completion of internal works is in progress, and preparations are underway for external works, in particular, the installation of an elevator, the arrangement of the terrace, thermal modernization of the facade with the installation of sun protection.


Photo by Maryna Grynyha