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Project of a modern rehabilitation center UNBROKEN.

The necessity to create a rehabilitation center is driven by the increasing number of individuals requiring rehabilitation due to military actions, the need to expand the range of rehabilitation directions and interventions, the requirement for increased space to provide rehabilitation assistance, the number of beds in the rehabilitation ward for individuals requiring high-volume rehabilitation assistance, equipment, the number of rehabilitation specialists, and the organization of their training.

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A hundred specialists will be fighting for every new step taken by those wounded by war. It comprises seven floors for rehabilitation with apartment-like models and even a store, allowing the patient to prepare as much as possible for new living conditions. Each year, 10,000 Ukrainians will be able to receive assistance here.

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On the first floor of the rehabilitation center, there is a spacious entrance hall with a waiting area and a small café for visitors adjoining the patient service area. Particularly important is the arrangement of a pool for conducting active rehabilitation.

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On the second floor, the center for mental health is located. The main premises of the center are consulting rooms. Among the auxiliary rooms on this floor are the reception area, staff wardrobe rooms, a dining area, and restrooms. Physical rehabilitation specialists will work side by side with psychologists and psychotherapists.

The rehabilitation department of the center is situated on the third, fourth, and partially on the seventh floors.

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In the new building of the rehabilitation center, state-of-the-art equipment will be installed, including a robotic walking system, exoskeletons, robotic gloves to assist with hand movement, and more. A pool is also being constructed because aquatic rehabilitation is integral to recovery. Simultaneously, rehabilitation rooms with ceiling lifts are being created to move bedridden patients to the pool or rehabilitation room.

Plans include setting up an occupational therapy apartment with a kitchen where patients will learn to take care of themselves again. Occupational therapists will assist in tasks such as holding a toothbrush or pencil.

Patients in the Rehabilitation Ward will receive assistance, with 54 beds allocated on two floors for inpatients. Daycare and outpatient services are also provided.

In each room and restroom, a patient monitoring and staff alert system has been implemented to ensure a quick response from medical personnel to patient needs. Additionally, there are common relaxation areas on each floor. We believe that socialization will expedite the recovery process.

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On the seventh floor, in addition to rehabilitation rooms, there is an occupational therapy kitchen in the common area where everyone can work with a rehabilitation specialist and have a snack. Additionally, there is a reception area and a small conference room for meetings and presentations.

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This floor is strategically connected to the main building of the National Rehabilitation Center UNBROKEN, forming the first medical association in Lviv. This integration facilitates a comprehensive approach to patient care, ensuring collaboration with surgeons, orthopedists, and other specialists working within the medical facility’s team and access to all necessary diagnostic equipment.

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On the rooftop is a terrace equipped with outdoor exercise equipment, providing an opportunity for physical activities in the fresh air with a stunning panoramic view of almost the entire city.

1st floor
2nd floor
3rd floor
4th floor
5th floor
6th floor
7th floor
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However, in this building, we faced a shortage of bed spaces. The solution was found in the adjacent building, which is operational, leaving the possibility of an extension. To create two additional fully functional floors, comfortably accommodating around 100 patients, a decision was made to dismantle an unused technical floor and add two lightweight construction floors made of CLT panels.

Additionally, the project includes a complete renovation of the lower floors, including replacing engineering networks, installing ventilation systems with heating and air conditioning, thermal modernization of facades, and implementing sun protection on the sunny side of the building.

Scheme of dismantling the technical floor
Arrangement scheme of the 4th and 5th floors

The decision to add two lightweight construction floors made of CLT panels is innovative for Ukraine. However, this technology was developed and approved in the late 90s. Research into the qualities and properties of the new material took several years. By the early 2000s, the production of CLT panels had gained wide popularity in Europe, including for multi-story construction.

CLT panels are made from wooden planks, dried, and glued together perpendicularly, providing high strength and moisture resistance.

Two other crucial features of this technology, particularly important for our project, are weight and speed. Buildings made of cross-laminated timber are 30% lighter than steel and concrete structures, and on-site assembly takes a record-short time. Installing one panel takes about 20 minutes. The dry construction method allows immediate commencement of interior finishing, thus reducing the time for the building to be put into operation.

We rescue, provide prosthetics, and rehabilitate Ukrainians in Ukraine!

In the interior design, we have chosen to maintain the wooden surfaces of CLT panels in their natural state, untouched, while integrating engineering networks within them. This decision helped create a sense of homely comfort and tranquility in the rooms. Simultaneously, we ensured compliance with sanitary-hygienic standards and safety by treating the surfaces with a special solution.

Arrangement scheme of the 4th floor
Arrangement scheme of the 5th floor

Photos by Maryna Grynyha