abmk history

In 2006, three architects joined forces to develop and implement architecture projects. An impulse for the abmk company development was a comprehensive approach to solving design problems that involved specialized engineers and designers. Working side by side, we create a synthesis of different points of view that generates unique solutions.
None of our competencies is separated from others, together, they form priceless assets of the team and provide final results.

Today, our key advantage is a synergy of different experts within the team: architects, designers, engineers, and managers. It allows analyzing, planning, and solving project tasks, hearing and understanding clients’ needs, and guaranteeing high quality and results.
Our company consists of specialists united by a common goal to evolve every day and implement ambitious projects.


years of market experience


offices in Ukraine (Kyiv and Lviv)


high-class specialists


realized projects


satisfied customers


customers from the Forbes rating


The experience that we’ve gained and our stable reputation in the market allow us to implement even the most complicated projects. Also, the fact that our team is actively involved in the project implementation from an idea stage until the delivery of the finished object guarantees the quality and reliable, mutually beneficial relationship with investors. Everything depends on people – they are the ones who create the actual value.
The solutions that we offer are practical and understandable tools for reaching the set goals. This approach shapes our mission, vision, and values that we are led by every day.


To responsibly affect the quality development of the environment via the creation of architectural objects.


To implement objects based on the principles of architectural integrity, engineering rationalization, and environmental friendliness.



is a driving force for overcoming any challenges that’s generated by the team and each its member

Openness and honesty

are a foundation for trust, strong relationships, and efficient long-term cooperation


ensures our balance and professional certainty and, at the same time, the certainty of our partners in the fact that the set goals will be achieved no matter what

Systematic approach

our trained systematic approach is a guarantee for a well-organized working process from start to finish



every day, we overcome different challenges finding new opportunities and solutions


is our internal need and motivation, belief, and strive for achieving the best in our job