Lviv region, Zhvyrka


under construction

Total area

6 760 m2

Start of design


Start of construction


End of construction

2021 (first stage)


  • collection of initial data
  • concept
  • pre-design works
  • general design
  • author's supervision

The territory with a total area of ​​5.3665 hectares is located at the address: Lviv region, Sokal district, town. Zhvyrka, Lesia Ukrainka Side Street, 7.

Land plots owned by SOFRO LLC. Sofro’s main products are cabinet furniture for your home, whether it is a small cozy apartment or a large country house.

A new construction of a building for furniture production is envisaged, which includes:

  • demolition of part of the existing unfinished building (foundations and basements);
  • construction of the production building of the first turn;
  • construction of a pumping station;
  • full range of works on improvement and laying of engineering networks;
  • construction of the production building of the second stage;
  • construction of an administrative and household unit.
ground floor plan
F:склад софро2220-12_Sofro_Zhvyrka_АР(мфк 2).pdf
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The project of the production building of the first stage envisages the construction of a building with technological equipment, engineering networks and technological sites to ensure the process of manufacturing furniture in the central part of the site. The building has a building area of ​​approximately 3,117.7 m2, size in the extreme axes 60×50 m, height to the parapet – 8.95 m, 7.8 m.

  • Foundations – columnar;
  • Plinth – prefabricated reinforced concrete;
  • Frame – structurally buildings are made in a combined frame (columns – prefabricated reinforced concrete, roof – metal). The load-bearing elements are columns, beams, floor slabs. The load-bearing structures of the building (columns) are based on monolithic reinforced concrete cups;
  • Walls – factory sandwich panels filled with mineral wool horizontal layout;
  • Roof – combined – insulation – rigid mineral wool boards on corrugated board, coating – polyvinyl chloride membrane (PVC). Smoke extraction valves with an automatic opening system in each smoke zone are installed on the roof of the building.
  • The floor is a monolithic reinforced concrete slab. Covering at the level of the first floor – topping with a reinforcing top layer.


Lighting lamps with a polycarbonate light-transmitting element are provided on the roof for lighting, ventilation and smoke removal.

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longitudinal section
F:склад софро2220-12_Sofro_Zhvyrka_АР(мфк 2).pdf
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The second stage envisages the construction of a second-tier production building and a two-storey office building with a built-in dining room on the ground floor.

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ground floor plan
second floor plan
F:склад софро2220-12_Sofro_Zhvyrka_АР(мфк 2).pdf
F:склад софро2220-12_Sofro_Zhvyrka_АР(мфк 2).pdf
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