Construction management

Performing customer service functions

  • determining the construction structure
  • preliminary construction cost estimation
  • shaping preliminary construction schedule
  • support during permitting procedures
  • contract management
  • preparation of commissioning documents
  • organisation of the facility commissioning
  • accepting the completed object and its delivery to the investor’s team

Tenders and procurement

  • tenders structure shaping
  • developing rules and conditions for tender participants
  • creating and verifying the list of tender participants
  • tasks preparation and tender proposals collecting
  • comparison of proposals and getting the investor’s approval of results

Performing general contractor functions

  • preparation of documents for construction permit
  • construction site preparation and organisation
  • control of labor protection, construction safety and fire safety at the site
  • development of a detailed construction schedule with all contractors
  • organisation of production meetings with all contractors
  • ensuring of preparing of executive documentation
  • participation in the commissioning
  • handover the finished object to the investor

Planning and deadlines control

  • analysis of the construction schedule for correct planning and optimisation
  • timeline modeling in BIM 4D environment
  • controlling the approved schedule during the works
  • real-time schedule updating and progress tracking
  • solving schedule changes issues with contractors to meet the deadline

Cost planning and control

  • analysis of the construction budget for correct calculation and optimisation
  • calculation of cash flow for the construction period and real-time tracking
  • consideration of alternative positions for costs optimisation
  • payments control and verification with the approved budget and contracts
  • verification of contingencies costs
  • real-time construction budget updating

Technical supervision

  • preparation of documents for construction permit
  • evaluation of project documentation
  • quality and technology control
  • control of volumes of construction works
  • executive documentation verification
  • control of a journal of author’s supervision
  • consideration of alternatives materials and equipments
  • participation in commissioning