Львівська обл., Сокільники



Total area

1 236 м2

Start of design


Start of construction


End of construction



  • collection of initial data
  • concept
  • pre-design works
  • general design
  • author's supervision

Volvo Car Lviv is the first Volvo showroom in the Western region of Ukraine, representing a new format for car sales and presentations, changing the perception of car purchasing.

The project’s task was to create a cozy interior that adheres to the brand book and optimal technological planning for all service and technical areas. BIM technology, which we used in this project, helps us achieve this.


Volvo, known for its commitment to traditional Scandinavian style where minimalism plays a key role, sets new standards in showroom design. The exterior of the new showroom in Lviv features clear geometric shapes and curtain wall façades made of frosted glass. This makes the architecture visually lighter and allows more light to penetrate the interior, creating a pleasant and bright atmosphere.


The main entrance of the showroom is made with natural wood, which is harmoniously integrated into the interior as well. This approach ensures a natural connection between the interior and exterior spaces, emphasizing the Scandinavian aesthetics of the brand.


This project was executed according to the client’s brand book, ensuring compliance with all Volvo standards and requirements. We take pride in bringing to life a concept that not only reflects the brand’s unique values but also offers customers a new car buying experience.

Structural model
3D plan of engineering networks
3D Plan of the 1st floor
Overall 3D model

Photos by Maryna Grynykha