January 17, 2018


FLEX — a leading company in technology and production — has launched the first stage of a new plastic molding plant in Mukachevo, designed by our abmk team.

The Flextronics plant is one of the examples of our company’s cooperation with foreign partners. Flex Ltd. is an American company, a leader in electronics production in Ukraine and worldwide.

The client portfolio consists of many leaders in the information technology field, for which the company manufactures advanced products and components. The plant’s products are ordered by world-famous companies Google, Nike, Teradata, Lenovo, OSRAM, XEROX, Philips, TPY, Gilat, Genexis, Seidel, and Nespresso. The main areas of production are the manufacture of electronic components, production of household appliances and telecommunications goods, as well as components for the healthcare industry and other electronic products. Today the staff of the plant in Mukachevo has more than 4,500 employees. The main requirement was to create an enterprise that would be most flexible for different business needs. Production is a dynamic process with many variables (quantity and specifics of orders, different areas of work), so the requirements for the space can differ widely. Therefore, our main task was to create an opportunity to re-equip the building as quickly as possible to the current need of the order.

To achieve this goal, we created the interior space, volume, engineering, and design in such a way that the equipment can be arranged in a variety of ways. Both production and storage facilities needed flexibility, so we also took into account the requirements for structures with different racking locations and loads on them.

Mukachevo is home to the main building of the electronics plant, which has been operating successfully since 2012, and a plastic molding plant built in 2018. In recent years, investors have implemented four stages of production and storage facilities with a total area of about 30 thousand square meters and performed the reconstruction of the existing production building. This allowed expanding the area of the enterprise to 56 thousand square meters.

An additional challenge was the simultaneous designing and construction of the project. The building process began immediately with the completion of the construction documentation. While the previous phase of the project was being constructed our team designed the next stage, so the implementation was carried out consistently.

The principal element of established cooperation with the client was a shared vision of the ultimate goal. Flex’s mission is to provide customers with faster quality service than they could have achieved alone. We can confidently say that we managed to build effective communication with foreign representatives, their contractors, and specialists because everyone had a common understanding of the final objective and worked for the result.

This project was one of the largest abmk production projects completed with a foreign company. Our team has put in a lot of effort to achieve successful implementation and now we use gained experience in our new projects.

For more information about the project, follow the link.