October 30, 2020


The abmk team took part in the open all-Ukrainian architectural competition for the best design proposal for the construction of the School of Arts with a concert hall on the 105, Lychakivska street in Lviv.

Future School of Arts is a transformation of a former Lviv State Music School №4 located at 53, Lychakivska st. Nowadays, the music school is quite popular among citizens – the competition is about three children for one vacancy.

The city department of architecture and urban planning, department of culture, department of historical environment protection, alongside principals, teachers, and students of creative schools, altogether formed the programming phase of the competition.

The main challenge in developing the concept was the topography and shape of the site, with a height difference of more than 10 meters. Another difficulty added the restrictions from the existing buildings and monuments. So it was vital to harmoniously inscribe the volume in the environment to emphasize the area and simultaneously implement all the plans for the interior design.

Firstly, we wanted to harmoniously integrate four functionally different groups of rooms in one building. Thus we combined a music school department, a concert hall, art rooms, and an art preschool club. In the central part of the building, there is a multifunctional hall that can be used for various purposes: as a concert hall, a large lecture hall, and a place for various events, seminars, and exhibitions.

Smooth and light forms fill the facade line while it provides everything necessary for indoor spaces.

It is impossible to design the volume of the building without thinking about the surroundings and its purpose. We considered the space around the School of Arts not to be exclusively for the students’ use but also for the external visitors to enrich the life of the district. Therefore, the territory of the school includes a large central square, a natural amphitheater, a green area, and a public recreation park.

The new art school should further expand the range of services provided to residents of the area and become a new cultural center for the whole city.

It is also worth noting what criteria guided us in the developing process of the concept and how the jury evaluated the projects:

  • compliance with the objectives and requirements of the competition;
  • the uniqueness of solutions and architectural clarity;
  • urban composition;
  • contextuality in the historic environment;
  • functional clarity;
  • optimality and ergonomics of planning decisions;
  • correspondence of the construction budget to modern economic realities


The winners of the competitions are a group of architects from the Re+ bureau. So we want to join the congratulations and rejoice that the Cityhall supports such an original and aesthetic concept.

For more information about our project, follow the link.