October 12, 2021


The abmk team has completed the development of a concept of the industrial park Sparrow Park Lviv, which will be located in the Syhnivka industrial area in Lviv, Ukraine.

Sparrow Park Lviv is a group of industrial enterprises in various industries for which engineering preparation of the territory, design, and construction of engineering infrastructure is carried out. Their practices play a much higher role than conventional construction and investment of resources.

Sparrow Capital — the initiator of the industrial park — is a part of the Sparrow group of companies. They work in development projects, investing, and property management and have implemented various projects in the field of real estate construction with a total area of more than 240 thousand square meters. The company intends to implement an innovative and modern approach to the creation of logistics and production space in Western Ukraine.

Sparrow Park Lviv is not simply an area of 18.8242 hectares filled with warehousing, production, and additional facilities – it is a contribution to the economy of Lviv and Ukraine as a whole. By creating a healthy economic and investment potential in the district, we will eventually increase employment and prompt the development of modern production and logistics infrastructure, thus increasing incomes throughout the region.

The main territory is occupied by the production and storage complex with an area of 11,740 m² (I stage), 37,680 m² (II stage), and 63,580 m² and engineering and technical infrastructure (III stage). The design and construction of each facility are planned to be carried out following the requirements and specifics of the participants of the industrial park and under the standards of industrial buildings.

The building of the I stage is functionally divided into three zones:

  • Four-storey building for administrative and domestic purposes.
  • Warehouses.
  • Production area. It includes a storage-free area for re-palletizing (arranging mixed pallets), loading pallets with specific products, and wrapping pallets in stretch film on pallet wrapping machines.


The structure: columns – reinforced concrete, slabs – precast reinforced concrete I-section beams (industrial and warehouse building), precast reinforced concrete beams with hinged support on brick walls (administrative and domestic building).

Industrial production development in industrial parks is a widespread and successful European practice that enhances city development and provides jobs.

For more information about the project, follow the link.