Lviv, Mykolaichuka, street, 9


competitive project

Total area

25 000 м2






  • concept

Competitive work for a closed architectural competition for the best design proposal for the concept of the facade of the surgical building on the Mykolaichuka street, 9 in Lviv. Renderings by the

Schematic master plan

Transplantology center scheme 1_4
  1. The main entrance
  2. Pedestrian square
  3. Promenade alley
  4. Land crossing
  5. The existing building of the hospital
  6. A promising building

The basis of the concept is the alternation of different types of facade.

The contrast of monolithic (static) parts of the facade without sun protection, horizontal eaves (overhangs) of the south-western facades and fragments of continuous glazing gives the facade an expressive character, and the use of light materials and perforated sun protection panels gives the overall image of the building visual lightness.

The sixth floor on all facades is solved in continuous structural glazing, for an easier perception of the sufficiently large volume of the building.

Transplantology center 2
Transplantology center 1_1

To ensure the building’s energy efficiency, we provided two types of facade solutions.

Type 1 – with horizontal canopies at the level of each floor with an offset of 1.5 m from the facade glazing, which provides maximum protection from the sun’s rays in summer. Additional vertical elements made of perforated HPL panels are provided for protection from low setting sun. This type of facades is used on the south-western, western and north-western parts of the facade.

Type 2 – without actively expressed eaves (projecting structures), using only vertical elements from HPL panels, for the eastern and northern facades, which are not exposed to direct sunlight due to the orientation of the building and the surrounding buildings.

Scheme of sun protection on the facade

West - East
East - West
Transplantology center scheme 2_1
Transplantology center scheme 3_1
north facade
western facade
south facade
eastern facade
Transplantology center scheme 5.1
Transplantology center scheme 6.1
Transplantology center scheme 7.1
Transplantology center scheme 8.1

Details of sun protection on the building

Transplantology center scheme 4.1

To cover the atrium in the middle of the building, we offer the installation of a (volumetric) spatial structure made of glued beams at the level of the 2nd floor of the building. Such a design adds a sense of coziness to the interior space (gives an openwork effect of light penetration that complements the interior), is much better from the point of view of acoustics than traditional metal and concrete structures. This design is lighter, which simplifies construction and installation work, and thanks to a sufficiently dense structure, it filters sunlight well.

Transplantology center 3
unbroken view