Lviv, Karadzycha street, 29


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Total area

1674 m2








  • collection of initial data
  • concept
  • pre-design works

The idea of the project is to modernize the old school (built-in 1960) and create for it modern multifunctional volumes designed for creative, non-formal forms of learning and communication for the students.

The project is designed for the gradual reconstruction of the lyceum, without interrupting the educational process


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Existing building: 3-storey, U-shaped in the plan. This shape of the main building forms the courtyard with the main entrance to the lyceum. The building includes a dormitory where some students live.

In the courtyard of the lyceum are three one-story wings, which are: gym, dining room, and training building with physical classes. These volumes divide the yard into two parts. The area of the dining room and gym is too small for the needs of the institution. The lyceum does not have a hall for lectures, conferences, concerts, there is a lack of spacious recreational spaces.

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In this project, we want to epand the dining room zone, creating a multifunctional zone using the volume of the courtyard.

Between the old gym and the dining room, it is proposed to build a spacious multifunctional hall with auxiliary rooms and mobile equipment, adapted for both sports competitions and large gatherings and concerts. The hall will close the inner space of the courtyard. It is proposed to cover the enclosed space with translucent structures and arrange a recreational area (glazed courtyard) for recreation and communication of students.

On the opposite side of the dining room, an extension is offered, which will allow increasing its volume if necessary and can be used for coworking, lectures, presentations, and exhibitions. The volume created through sliding stained-glass windows will be integrated into the outer space of the second courtyard. In this yard, according to the general concept, there is already a virtual classroom and a green recreation area.

Multifunctional zone options

exhibition hall
lecture hall
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The virtual classroom is created by terraces and grandstands around the perimeter of the courtyard, equipped with a stationary screen for watching movies and lecture material. This outdoor area is an alternative to regular classes during the warm period of the year.


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The reconstruction of the lyceum, which gives a high level of knowledge to its students, will make the school more comfortable and modern so that it will meet the new requirements of quality of life and education.