Lviv, Svientsitskoho street, 17


under construction

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7 422 м2


public building

Start of pre-project works


Start of construction



  • collection of initial data
  • concept
  • pre-design works
  • general design
  • author's supervision

The task of the project is to transform the historical building of the university, which is inactive, overshadowed by new projects of UCU in the park town, into a fully functional, modern, convenient and multifunctional building with its own charisma and attractiveness – both for university programs and for external events. While preserving the historical context, use modern approaches to high-quality and responsible adaptation of the historic building to the modern needs of UCU and the city, create conditions for further development of the location in the future.


In order to fully adapt the building to modern needs, it is proposed to add new multi-functional spaces in the courtyard, in which, in particular, there will be a student canteen, a space for studying and leisure of students, a conference hall and classrooms.

The extensions are arranged between the risalites of the courtyard facade with a retreat from the walls of the risalites, which form shadowy niches, to emphasize the dominance of the historic volume of the monument.


To make it possible to install extensions, the existing attached boiler house is dismantled with the installation of a new free-standing boiler house building with auxiliary technical premises.

The facades of the extensions will be designed from translucent structures, through which the historical facade of the building will be visible. Glass, as a neutral modern material, will emphasize the monumentality of the historical buildings.


The planned measures are designed to adapt the object to the modern requirements and needs of an international-level educational institution, without changing its functional purpose, with maximum preservation of its characteristic elements.


Improvement of the territory is carried out within the boundaries of the design area, respecting the nature of the created environment of the historical building.

The project envisages the improvement of the inner courtyard and ensuring the accessibility of the building and the surrounding area for people with disabilities. Arrangement of a car-free pedestrian, green zone along the north-eastern facade is planned for rest and recreation of students, employees and visitors of UCU.

There will also be an outdoor terrace at the dining hall of the dining hall, a bicycle parking lot and green recreational areas on the territory of the inner courtyard.


Due to the translucent facades, the buildings will visually interact with the inner courtyard much more actively: life and processes in the auditoriums will be reflected from the courtyard and vice versa. This is important, given the desire to activate, intensify the use of the yard,
in particular, during the further development of the territory.



A significant part of the project was historical research and the preparation of the building’s restoration program.

The restoration program envisages restoration and preservation of the historic facade of the building and lost elements of stucco, restoration of authentic interior elements preserved to this day.


The main task of functional zoning was the optimization of spaces, the restoration of the authentic parcelling of premises, and the increase of the number of classrooms for students. Also, due to the arrangement of additional rooms in the courtyard, it is possible to provide the building with a spacious dining room, cafe and conference hall, and additional classrooms without interfering with the historical structure of the building.

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