Lviv, Shchurata street


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Total area

88 643 м2

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Start of construction



Viking development


  • collection of initial data
  • pre-design works
  • general design
  • author's supervision

Viking Hills is a modern residential quarter that will rise on the hill of one of the most picturesque recreational areas of Lviv.


The idea of the project is to organize a comfortable pedestrian environment for residents and guests of the complex and to form an expressive architectural silhouette. The main highlight of the project is a wonderful panorama of the city, which will always fascinate the residents and guests of the complex from the observation decks. This “city within a city” with its own unique ecosystem is located in an area where there is no dense construction. There is a lot of space, fresh air and greenery.


The silhouette of the complex is formed due to the arrangement of the walls of high sections of residential buildings at a small angle relative to the vertical, and the alternation of high and low sections. The inclined planes of residential buildings will be made of a hinged facade, similar in color to the main facade, thus ensuring the necessary durability and ease of execution.


Functional zoning of territories provides for the placement of residential buildings and commercial premises in separate zones. Thus, the complex includes separate zones for residential buildings, zones for commercial objects, green zones and entertainment zones.

In general, it is possible to distinguish the arrangement of 4 separate functional zones:

  • a quiet area with a park on the hill, tables for games;
  • a park with a place for BBQ sports grounds;
  • the active zone, where there are art objects, cafes, an amphitheater, a stage and playgrounds;
  • a private area in the courtyards for the residents of the buildings to relax.

Formation of the territory

planning levels
transport connection
pedestrian connections
functional areas

The residential area of the complex is designed as a comfortable transition from the personal space of the residents to the bustling city life and vice versa.
The general plan of the quarter has a large green courtyard where you can relax and enjoy nature. Each building of the block has its own underground parking, which provides the possibility of setting up a car-free space and at the same time comfortable access to cars for residents. Areas for bicycle parking and electric vehicles are also provided, which corresponds to modern trends in ecological movement.

Residential yards are formed by U-shaped houses, and are located on 2 sides of the boulevard. Access to the inner residential courtyards is available only to residents of the three sections that form them, because due to the topography of the site, the residential courtyards are one floor higher than the promenade in front of the houses.

In the front part of the site, on the south side, we offer the arrangement of a public space with children’s and sports grounds, an urban garden and panoramic observation terraces with a view of the city. This space is designed for use by all residents of the district.


The pedestrian alley that runs through the entire site is the main artery of the complex. It is also equipped with an open surface drainage of stormwater, forming a “city river”, which later ends in a reservoir.
The public squares between the buildings at the intersection with the main pedestrian avenue will be used for recreation, sports and meetings of different groups of residents.


A project that combines architectural novelty and innovation, while balancing comfort and convenience for people. In general, Viking Hills was created with the aim of providing maximum comfort and convenience for residents, taking into account modern trends.