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In the process of rehabilitating Ukrainians who have suffered torture due to Russian war crimes, it is crucial not to overlook the mental state of the victims. Physical recovery is only part of a full rehabilitation, while mental health plays an equally significant role in returning to normal life. Soon, a new vital element will join the UNBROKEN ecosystem – the Mental Health Center for Ukrainians. International experts have been involved in the project to provide specialized assistance to Ukrainians who have suffered from torture and captivity.

The project was developed in collaboration with the Engineering and Construction Company “Project Service,” which serves as the general designer of this complex. The adaptation of existing buildings for the establishment of the mental health center is envisaged. The complex consists of two buildings numbered 81 and 83 on Zamarsstynivska Street. The overall project area is 1,430 square meters, which includes 27 beds and will be able to accommodate up to a thousand patients per year, both inpatient and outpatient. The center is set to open in January 2025. Currently, demolition and reconstruction work is underway.


After the renovation of Building No. 83, the basement will house administrative and utility rooms, doctors’ offices, and a gym. The project includes replacing the roof structure and creating a functional attic floor. Thus, the first, second, and attic floors will be equipped with functional diagnostic rooms, common areas, utility rooms, and living quarters. To ensure a harmonious blend of the historical building with the new additions, the new elements of the complex will be adorned with natural materials, such as hanging metal Corten panels and glass, which will also help distinguish between the two historical eras.


To adapt the building for its new function, a new stairwell and elevator block will be installed, meeting the requirements for inclusivity and fire safety.

The landscaping of the inner courtyard will feature extensive greenery and the use of natural materials. A small rainwater pond is planned, which we hope will have a therapeutic effect. This, in combination, will create the maximum possible natural environment effect in the middle of the city. Additionally, the landscaping solutions will ensure barrier-free access to the buildings.


Building No. 83 on Zamarsynivska Street was constructed at the beginning of the 20th century and is adorned in the style of early decorative Secession. A distinctive feature of the building is the niche for a statue of the Virgin Mary above the entrance gate. In the 1930s, it housed J. Kvant’s pharmacy, in the 1950s – the 8th District Police Department, and later, the Lviv City Dermatology and Venereology Dispensary.

The project aims to preserve the building’s historical value. Therefore, the restoration of the historical facades, windows, and doors is planned, with metal-plastic windows and doors being replaced by wooden ones made according to historical drawings. Inside, the historical stoves, wooden stairs, and ceiling elements will be preserved. Authentic beams will be remounted under the new reinforced concrete ceiling. Overall, the interior will create a homely coziness and an effortless atmosphere of tranquility.


An important focus of the center will be art therapy, which will be housed in Building No. 81. This type of rehabilitation has already shown significant results in the recovery of wounded soldiers. The project includes the creation of studios for pottery, painting, and sculpture.

We are delighted to be involved in another vital component of the UNBROKEN ecosystem, united by a shared goal.