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On the existing plot with a total area of ​​2.6826 hectares, the construction of a quarter building is proposed. The master plan includes 19 residential sections with built-in commercial premises and underground parking.

The quarter is a typical urban form of construction, the rectangular area is built up with multi-storey residential or commercial buildings in a closed, mostly parceled way. The option of reforming the quarter is used – not a closed contour of a rectangular section, which preserves the quarter. This option provides more opportunities in the inner-quarter space for the organization of life and leisure of residents. The large courtyard without cars, with playgrounds and private apartment terraces creates a cozy private space.

Along the perimeter of the site there is a passage for cars. Pedestrian promenades between the quarters are limited by bollards, for the possibility, if necessary, of arrival of fire engines and delivery services for public facilities on the ground floor.

Two-lane driveways with sidewalks are provided for the entrance to residential buildings. Between the facades of residential buildings there are household gaps – 20 m.


The maximum use of relief has significantly influenced the formation of the idea of the future residential complex. The existing landscape has diversified the typology of houses and courtyards without cars, creating an urban landscape that is human-friendly.


The concept is based on the basic idea of a clear division between street and yard space – which creates comfort for residents and active public life.

The residential complex, which is far enough from the city center, creates a multifunctional territory for the organization of cultural and leisure activities:

  • housing and work;
  • teaching;
  • private territory.

Landscaping has provided different levels of space that create community activism and the private sector for residents.

  • The first level – the arrival of cars in the parking lot, transit traffic.
  • The second level – private terraces of apartments, playgrounds, places for rest of different ages.
  • The third level – public areas, observation terrace, open spaces of individual institutions (cafes, kindergartens, trade, coworking ..).

The heart of the residential complex is a large landscaped space with an amphitheater on the southern slope of the site, with panoramic views of the city and a green promenade that connects the southern part of the neighborhood with the proposed green area in the northern part of the site. For less mobile groups, ramps are provided for unimpeded access to all levels of the terrace.

The creation of a green promenade above the carriageway provided pedestrian communication and created a square with a viewing terrace in front of the houses.

The green promenade originates from a public transport stop and smoothly passes into the park area. Within the promenade, the arrangement of multifunctional spaces at different levels is envisaged

The first level. An amphitheater with observation terraces, a supermarket, a restaurant and summer playgrounds, and a ramp leading to the skate park. There is outdoor furniture, greenery and places to rest on the grass.

Second level. Observation area above the roadway where there are places for recreation with street furniture, semi-open spaces of some establishments on the ground floor (cafes, shops) with summer terraces. Also from this level there is a connection that leads to the inner quarter square with the fountain.

Business space on the ground floor. On the ground floors there are commercial premises of public direction with the possibility of “bringing business to the people.”

Filling with commercial functions, housing complex, will provide its residents with active public life, increase the number of workplaces.


The inner quarter with a fountain is forming a mini city center, filling the remote quarter of Lviv with life.


Private terraces, playgrounds, bicycle parking, recreation areas for adults.


The creation of a green promenade over the carriageway provided pedestrian communication and created an area with a viewing terrace in front of the houses.


An amphitheater with observation terraces, a supermarket, a restaurant and summer playgrounds, and a ramp leading to the skate park.


Observation area where there are places for recreation with outdoor furniture, semi-open spaces of some establishments on the ground floor with summer terraces.


first floor
typical floor

The main technical and economic indicators of the complex: 

  • Land plot area – 2,6826 ha,
  • Building area – 9390 sq.m.
  • Number of parking spaces in the underground parking lot – 362
  • Number of guest parking spaces – 67
  • Total area of premises – 68 925 sq.m.
  • Total commercial area – 59 055 sq.m.
  • Area of commercial premises – 7 135 sq.m.
  • Parking area – 11 841 sq.m.
  • Apartment area – 51 920 sq.m.
  • Number of apartments – 880 pcs., including:
    • 1 room – 545 (62%)
    • 2 rooms – 195 (22%)
    • 3 rooms – 140 (16%)
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