Lviv, Lubinska street, 93


not implemented

Total area

32 300 м2




Approval Design




  • collection of initial data
  • concept
  • pre-design works
  • general design

The designed business center building is adjacent to the eastern and northern sides of the site, creating a courtyard in the western part. The main facade is oriented to Lubinska street.

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The building is complex in shape, with overall dimensions in the extreme axes of 53.4 x 91.3 m. In the central part is the atrium, which functionally separates the office space located in the northern and southern parts of the business center.

Conventionally, the building can be divided into the following functional zones:

  • Entrance hall and lobby area
  • Restaurant area
  • Fitness center area
  • Commercial space
  • Office space
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Entrance hall area and lobby bar – the main entrance to the building is from the existing area in the south-eastern part of the site. The entrance hall overlooks the atrium, which extends to the sixth floor and provides green areas with lawns and low-growing, ornamental plants on different levels. The entrance hall is the communication core of the building with elevator blocks on both sides. From the entrance hall there is an exit to the courtyard. On the third and fourth floors there are open terraces.


Restaurant area – located in the eastern part of the building on the first and second floors. The technical room and the kitchen block are designed in the southern part of the first floor and have an entrance from Nasinna Street.

Fitness area – provided in the south-western part of the building on the first and second floors in a separate block overlooking the courtyard and park area.

Commercial area – located in the northern part of the building on the first and second floors with views and access from Lubinska Street.

Office space – is provided in the northern and southern parts of the business center and is two separate blocks with different numbers of floors. The office block in the northern part has ten floors (office space is located on 3-10 floors). The block in the southern part provides eight floors (office space is located on 2-8 floors).

The business center building provides underground two-level parking and accommodates 194 cars.

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3d plan -1 floor
3d plan 1 floor
3d plan 5 floor
3d plan 10 floor
constructive 3d model
3d model of engineering networks
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