Lviv, Schurata street


competitive project (2nd place)

Total area

71 426 m2








  • concept

The main idea of ​​the competitive project of our complex is to maximize the benefits of the site, namely the panoramic view of the city and the relief difference of up to 30m within the site.

To ensure a good view from the windows for more apartments, we offer construction in semi-open quarters, with the placement of high sections of the alarm clock at an angle to each other. Sections of houses that are oriented to the east-west of the lower story, for better insolation of yards.

To emphasize the relief of the area, the meridional sections increase the number of stories from 10 to 13 floors in the direction from south to north, to form a recognizable and diverse silhouette of the complex.

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To create a comfortable environment within the blocks, a barrier-free pedestrian alley is provided through the entire complex from west to east, with large passages at the level of the ground floor.

In the area with the maximum difference on the side of Studynskoho Street, it is proposed to build a public center partially sunk into the slope. On the roof of each of the levels, there are panoramic terraces with access for residents of the whole neighborhood. Coworking, office space, fitness clubs, and cafés can be arranged in the community center. All terraces are connected by a ramp with a slope adapted for use for persons with reduced mobility.

Schemes of master plan formation

master plan
underground parking
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The project consists of three houses arranged in cascades along the terrain, which are divided into 20 residential sections of different stories. At the level of the first floor, there are built-in commercial premises. Underground parking is arranged under the houses with entrances located from the projected street and the inner quarter driveway.

Two-lane driveways with sidewalks are provided for the entrance to residential buildings. Domestic gaps of at least 20m are observed between the facades of residential buildings.

The entire space inside the building is intended for pedestrian use only, but for the entrance of fire trucks and delivery services, there is the possibility of entering the area between the houses.

In the courtyards, there are recreation areas for different age groups. At the level of the first floor of residential buildings, we propose to install commercial premises for various purposes, a built-in kindergarten and entrance halls to residential sections.

In the northern part of the complex, we propose to arrange a recreation park for the residents of the district, as according to the detailed plan around it is planned to build a large number of public facilities (Kindergarten, clinic e.t.c.)

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We use a large number of panoramic glazing on the first floors of residential buildings and the facades of the community center to activate the street at the level of the first floor.

We tried to arrange most of the apartments with a view to the open space of the courtyard. We also arranged balconies of a larger area to create a comfortable environment for residents.

To ensure a uniform social composition of residents, apartments of various types are provided, from one-room apartments of the small areas to large three-room apartments with terraces from the westernmost seven-story section.

Entrances to the entrances are provided both from the part adjacent to the driveway and from the courtyard. Elevators from the residential part go down to the parking lot under the buildings.

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