Saint Charbel


Lviv region, Morshyn



Total area

5 610 м2

Start of design


Start of construction


End of construction



  • concept
  • general design

The health resort ‘Saint Charbel’ is a hotel and wellness complex in Morshyn, renowned for its nature and healing waters.

The project team was tasked with designing a new building, seamlessly integrating it with the existing structure, and ensuring a comprehensive medical facility for health and relaxation.



The complex has two buildings – a three-story medical center and a seven-story hotel. The hotel features 79 residential rooms, including ten types of comfortable rooms with modern design. The concise and simple forms harmoniously blend with the surroundings. The facade of the new building in the complex is executed in three colors and has balconies with glass railings. This design choice preserves the external appearance and visually enlarges the balcony area, allowing even more light to enter the rooms.


The design of the hospital building was carried out with consideration for modern medical requirements, and the total area of the medical facilities in the treatment and rehabilitation resort complex is approximately 2800 square meters. Since the water has turned the small town into a renowned balneological resort, all the springs can be sampled without leaving the premises. The delivery and supply of water are designed to preserve its freshness and therapeutic properties. A modern drinking fountain dispenses the required portion and temperature of water.


In addition to modern medical offices, there is a large SPA facility with various zones, saunas, therapeutic pools, fitness rooms, and even a phyto bar.


The project is complemented by three restaurants offering different cuisines and a lobby bar. The interior features natural and calming colors to keep the focus on feelings and the surrounding nature. Certain areas are adorned with vertical greenery.


The interiors by our colleagues from AVG Group
Photos by Maryna Grynykha